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tCSPSPMC Professional is an application for multiple platforms that helps create maps for the homebrew game "CSPSP" for PSP. Currently in beta stage, it features 80% of the map creation process and helps anyone make a map with ease.


- Loads existing CSPSP Maps
- Compiles working CSPSP Maps
- Intuitive Tile placement
- Zones (Spawn / Buy)
- Collision placement
- Gun placement
- Scr33nSh0tta Integration


*EDIT* (16/12/2010)
The installer is now fixed. Please re-download it and everything should run a bit smoother.
*DOUBLE EDIT* (16/12/2010)
Wow i'm making pretty good progress. Fixed the guns selection. All that's left is Collisions and buy zones! The Engine has been updated and will be applied once you restart tCSPSPMC Pro.
*TRIPLE EDIT* (22/12/2010)
Now Multi-Platform! This is a mandatory update which fixes the launcher, and gun selection permanently as well as the rendering issues. Download the new updated windows installer as well as the new platform editions @ 0m3ga