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The Android RΩM Database is the perfect application for users and developers to use as a complete hub for ROMs / Kernels / and Themes for Android devices. Users can directly download straight from our servers and developers / chefs can upload their mods straight to the servers for others to download from.


- Direct ROM Downloading
- Direct Kernel Downloading
- Direct Theme Downloading
- Chef / User Uploading (Apply in App)
- Easy Moderation (Apply in App)
- Categorized Android Phone / Tablets
- Growing Database of Devices


Version 0.5
+ Added commenting/ratings (98% complete)
+ Added more ROM information available for a single rom
+ Updated GUI to reflect the new information added
+ Added 2 ROMs for example (32A, New Radio)
+ The system uses FTP for uploading and downloading, it makes things a bit more accurate.

++ Kernels will be added soon
++ Themes will be added soon

Version 0.2
+ Added User Accounts
+ Added Ratings
+ Added Comments
+ Fixed Back button
+ Added "World's Smallest (in kb) MP3 Player" on right click
- Taken out Submitting restriction (Anyone can now submit and upload a ROM)
- Re-coded the navigation from scratch


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