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iAPK is an all-in-one application suite of popular Android functions. Without the need to install the Android SDK, iAPK can manage Android Apps (APKs) from any device. You can use iAPK to backup, delete, install and do batch operations with all of those functions in an easy to use drag and drop interface.

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Scr33nSh0tta is a multi-platform application that bridges the gap between capturing a screenshot locally, and getting it on the internet as quickly as possible. Using Scr33nSh0tta, you can take fullscreen and region defined screenshots and automatically upload them on the internet with an instant hotlink URL readily available.

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tCSPSPMC Professional is a collection of tools that mapper can use to aid the development for custom made map (levels) for the homebrew game CSPSP.

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The Android RΩM Database

Ever wanted an easier way to browse through the multitude of available ROMs for your Android Device? The Android ROM Database will help you do just that for specific Android Devices. You can use this database to browse through custom ROMs, Kernels, and Themes tailored specifically for your device in a neat and intuitive interface.

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