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Software Development

Here at 0m3ga we specialize in the full cycle of software development. From planning, designing and programming to full scale UI development and distribution. With over 10 members of our development team, any custom project can be easily manifested with absolute precision. Using a custom built IDE, we make multi-platform software natively without any extra effort. Platforms we build for include Windows / Mac OSX / Linux / Android / iOS / Symbian / Windows Mobile / WP7 / Java / LC and many more!

If you need custom software done for personal or business use, please drop us a line using the contact page or send an e-mail to

Website Development

With website technology constantly progressing and becoming more efficient, it's a requirement to stay up to date with the most modern languages such as HTML5 / PHP / MySQL / ASP.NET / LC / Python / Perl and various other implementations. Our services for website development range from back-end functions and APIs as well as incorporating CSS and stylish graphic art to the front-end. We will even take on full website reconstruction projects or build them from scratch. Our portfolio is largely accepted and caters to a multitude of styles and tastes.

To make an inquiry or start up a new project, let us know through the contact page or send an e-mail to

Android Application Development

We take full support in the worlds fastest growing mobile operating system, Android. Android has a serious community under it's belt as well as being open-sourced and fully modular. Expanding our software to Android was an obvious step that had to happen, given it's vast amount of released devices. Specializing in Android UI design, with the help of Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) a lot of the design elements are already there which allows more focus on the functions of an app. Android also makes it very easy to port software or games from other operating systems and eases native distribution.

If you need a port or custom Android app then be sure to let us know using the contact page or drop us an e-mail at

Game Programming

Have this really great game concept? Want to fabricate it for multiple platforms within 2 years? Indie developer? Say no more. Drop us an e-mail at

Consultation / Technical Support

We also provide a wide variety of technical support services ranging from simple technical computer help to advanced software design. If you simply just want to learn the tricks of the trade or get deep into a programming language that we specialize in, just simply let us know and we will lay it all out on the table for you.

Need a crash course on a language/concept? Just let us know and we would be happy to help you out on any technical related aspect of your problem. With 11+ members with the technical know how on standby just to help you out. Drop us your question or issue by e-mail at