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- Android SDK NOT Required!
- Drag and Drop APK Installing
- Batch / Directory APK Installing
- File-type Association (.APK)
- Full APK Management (Install / Delete / Backup / Restore)
- Docking Panel
- Sign APKs


+ Added quicker docking panel
+ Added File type associations with .apk files
+ Added APK management through the Android Device Bridge (adb.exe)
+ Added APK manifest dumping using the Android Asset Packaging Tool (aapt.exe)
+ New UI built from scratch
+ New Information panel notifier
+ Added a mini version for smaller file size

+ Added Update Checker(Now notifies the user if an update is available)
+ Added Directory APK Installing(Not tested)
+ Now checks to see if adb is in $Path or already specified instead of always making a copy of adb locally(Not tested)
+ Added a configuration panel(Intended for internal use, otherwise no use right now)
- Taken out some un-needed functions(may work a little faster for some people)

++ Will be available for Mac OSX, Linux in the next release.
++ Will incorporate a default filetype & shortcut for windows(allows auto-install on doubleclick)

+ Added Multiple APK Installing functionality (Drag and Drop multiple APK's)
+ Cleaned up some more code
+ Operation manager for internal use (Allows for batch calculation and apk management)
+ Added small tool tip for future use
+ Added an operation summary at the end of each..operation.
- Taken out 99.9% of the popups
- Taken out clunky option gear graphic

++ Coming soon... Just mention it.